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Footloose Warehouse Dance Scene (Original)

The song is called Never by Moving Pictures.

The famous dance scene from the hit 80s movie, Footloose starring Kevin Bacon.

Duration : 0:3:5

[youtube yX38dNneIiU]

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25 Responses to “Footloose Warehouse Dance Scene (Original)”

  1. swedenisthebest02 Says:

    haha I saw that …
    haha I saw that after I’ve sent the comment XD

  2. scaryflakybiscuits Says:

    That guy just had …
    That guy just had to let off some steam after all that those towns folk had put him through. God the 80s were dramtic. So shallow it’s deep.

  3. Ruby502 Says:

    Kevin Bacon went to …
    Kevin Bacon went to my school. What now?

  4. Aymz Says:

    Never by Moving …
    Never by Moving Pictures

  5. ttlebon80 Says:

    his nose was better …
    his nose was better then…

  6. Beatleschick1 Says:

    This is like …
    This is like Flashdance! He’s a Maniac.

  7. Beatleschick1 Says:

    Hot Rod scene! lol
    Hot Rod scene! lol

  8. natrix49er Says:

    …drama queen
    …drama queen

  9. Albabt121 Says:

    I know he probably …
    I know he probably won’t be as good as kevin bacon! but I’m curious on how chace is gonna pull it off. I think Footloose will be the movie that shows if he has talent or not! I’m a little excited hahaha

  10. dyztrupinoy Says:

    thats one of a …
    thats one of a temper tantrum ahaha

  11. HardcoreMatee Says:

    i watched this film …
    i watched this film for the firsttime last night, and i have fell in love with it! my fave scene is this one.(:

  12. swedenisthebest02 Says:

    name of the song? :)
    name of the song? :)

  13. polkadot229 Says:

    i don’t usually …
    i don’t usually believe in chain comments, but this one is pretty cool. u don’t need to do it, but when u read it, u might smile. :)
    There are 20 angels in this´╗┐ world
    10 are sleeping
    9 are playing
    1 is reading this

    put this on 4 video comments within 15 mins,if u do, sum one u love will surprise u sum how

  14. LintuWaterfall Says:

    The Remake that is …
    The Remake that is coming up in a year or so will NEVER be as good as the original movie. NEVER!

  15. Connor35270 Says:

    Beautiful song, …
    Beautiful song, Beautiful, beautiful film goss This film is great

  16. clASicOner Says:

    LOL @ 2:35 he …
    LOL @ 2:35 he catches mad air hahaha. Vicious AIR lol. Great video from my childhood.

  17. SMLByrd Says:


    Eat …

    Eat your heart out Chace in’ Crawford.

  18. gl0ck916 Says:

    Hot Rod didn’t even …
    Hot Rod didn’t even exaggerate this scene at all. I remember seeing this for the first time as a little kid in the early 90s and laughing my off.

  19. jrzy49 Says:

    I thought drinking …
    I thought drinking impairs your coordination?

  20. SimonPeter168 Says:

    yeah he’s like i …
    yeah he’s like i got my drink i got my smokes and now i HAVE TO DANCE!

  21. mario95928 Says:

    the music ment some …
    the music ment some thing then the movies rocked like pretty in pink footloose top guin breakfast club ferris bueller’s day off

  22. mmichaelc Says:

    I want that car so …
    I want that car so bad!

  23. xPepsiKOLA Says:

    lol this is my …
    lol this is my favorite scene of the whole movie

  24. BrandonX Says:

    Man, his car …
    Man, his car speakers are really good!!!

  25. LoganBrownVidz Says:

    Chace Crawford of …
    Chace Crawford of Gossip Girl fame better do good in the film also Amanda Bynes is rumored to be in this(From All That fame)

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